Are you tired of sitting in the office for hours? It’s time to switch to the newly designed Ergonofis Shift 2.0 standing desk. This product offers multiple functionalities with its sit-stand feature. This design means you can use it as a regular sit desk or adjust it to a standing desk when your back needs a break from sitting all day.

Based on recent health research, extensive sitting has adverse effects on your health. It can lead to heart disease, diabetes, or early death. Your body also fails to burn enough calories, which can result in obesity and weight gain. 

Buying a standing desk allows you to live and work healthier. It eliminates long hours of sitting and gives you flexibility while working.

The Ergonofis Shift 2.0 takes standing desks to a whole new level. It combines design, comfort, and functionality to improve your workspace. Made in Canada, this masterpiece incorporates some of the most innovative features for extra convenience.


  • Soft-touch surface
  • Stable and durable frame
  • Variety of colors
  • Futuristic design
  • Automated height adjustment
  • 10-year warranty
  • Anti-fingerprint surface
  • Antimicrobial surface protection
  • Heat and scratch-resistant


  • Doesn’t have drawers
  • Pricey

Desktop Offerings

Luxurious Soft-Touch Work Surface

The work surface consists of newly discovered smart materials. It features a 7/8″ thick soft-touch laminate surface. The surface feels good on the hand and is comfortable to place your laptop or stationery.

The laminate work surface is antimicrobial to keep your desk free of bacteria and germs. It’s also fingerprint-resistant, meaning it doesn’t require frequent cleaning.  


When it comes to the aesthetics, nothing beats Ergonofis Shift 2.0 standing desk. It has a sleek and timeless design that will make your office look stunning. 

Multiple Color Selection

There are five color selections for the work surface: ice white, pale grey, Sahara, graphite grey, and deep black. There are two color selections for the frame: black and white.

Customizable Height Adjustment

The desk features fully automated capability with four memory keys. It comes with two quiet motors together with a minimalist and simple wire magnetic kit. With this automation, you can set your desired height at the click of a button.

Strength and Stability

The desk gains its support from robust and durable metal frames that can lift up to 300 lb. The frame also comes with a 10-year warranty to guarantee many years of service.

Simple Installation

It takes an average of 15 minutes to assemble the desk, even for someone who has no experience with sit-stand desks. It also comes with an installation guide to make the process easier.

Heat and Scratch-Resistant

The surface won’t sustain damage from stationery or other electronics placed on the desk. The heat and scratch-resistant features make it look new for many years.


This product incorporates all the features of a regular sitting and standing desk. It has strategically positioned grommets to slide computer wires and other electronic devices neatly. It also comes with child lock capability for extra safety.


This desk is a space-saver. You can place it in any work or home office setting thanks to its simple, compact construction.

How Easy Is It to Assemble the Ergonofis Shift 2.0 Standing Desk?

The installation process doesn’t require special skills or experience. The package comes with a free installation guide to help you assemble the desk in minutes. However, the manufacturer recommends having an extra hand when putting the desk together. This extra pair of hands is helpful because the work surface and frame are quite heavy.

Is the Shift Desk 2.0 Stable Enough?

Yes. The relatively thin surface doesn’t mean the desk is weak. It boasts a strong laminate surface that is capable of lifting up to 300lb. It also has a superior anti-collision system to avoid damages during use or transportation.

How Good Is the Warranty?

Ergonofis Shift 2.0 Standing Desk comes with a 10-year warranty for the steel frame. This guarantee speaks to its durability, functionality, and reliability. The shift sit-stand frame also has certifications from BIFMA, RoHS (EU), and UL. 

The motor and electrical components have a 5-year warranty. This protection covers any manufacturing defects that may happen on the electrical parts or handset’s screen. However, the warranty is not transferable, meaning it can only go to the original buyer. 

The warranty is also not applicable in the following situations:

  • Defaults resulting from modifications or repairs done by the user
  • Damages caused by poor installation
  • Damages arising from regular use
  • Placing too much weight on the desk beyond the recommended limit of 300 lbs.
  • Damages arising from the transportation

The laminate surface comes with a 3-year warranty. This protection covers quality and material defects such as bumps and cracks in the laminate. The buyer must call the seller if noticing such flaws upon delivery of the product.

The Takeaway

The Ergonofis Shift 2.0 Standing Desk is an exceptional product. This desk delivers beyond what an ordinary sit-stand desk can offer. Its customizable height, smart materials on the work surface, and stability make it ideal for any office. The wide range of surface and frame colors makes the desk a perfect addition for different office designs. 

If you are looking for a timeless product, then you need to buy the Ergonofis Shift 2.0 Standing Desk.

Who Is This Desk for?

Anyone looking for a multi-functional sit/stand desk will enjoy the Ergonofis Shift 2.0 Standing Desk. If you don’t have enough working space in your office at work or at home, this desk will be an excellent addition. It fits perfectly in any setting, especially when there is limited space.

If you’ve been experiencing back problems or other health issues due to prolonged sitting, then you need to buy this desk. It offers customizable settings to help you set your most preferred height. You can set up to four pre-sets, which makes it convenient for multiple users.

For those concerned about power usage, the Ergonofis Shift 2.0 Standing Desk will eliminate your worries. The desk has a power consumption of only 0.5W, making it an ideal addition to your home or office. The materials used are also long-lasting and eco-friendly.