Ergonofis Alive Electric Standing Desk Review 2020

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Written by Maxime

Last Updated: Aug 2nd 2020 Picture Credits: Ergonofis

Most people prefer not to sit at a desk all day staring at a screen, but it’s one of the fundamental aspects of working 9-5. However, who said you had to sit all that time? In 2020, it’s possible to get a standing desk that you can alternate sitting and standing with as you please.

The Ergonofis Alive is one of the finest creations for the twenty-first-century-worker. Its sleek and top-quality wood top is crafted in Canada and looks tasteful in any office setting. Combined with an integrated motor, this standing desk is a contemporary-rustic hybrid. 

What makes this design perfect for a modern work desk is that it is adjustable for you to stand and sit when your body calls for either. You can adjust within seconds, taking next to no time away from your schedule. 



  • The high-end wood material has a luxurious look
  • The desks made from walnut wood in Montreal, so you can be assured that the material is local and not shipped from abroad, which reduces carbon footprint
  • The desk height can extend or shorten between around 20″ within seconds 
  • A silent motor adjusts height and can be controlled by the user through a built-in touch screen in the corner of the desktop
  • The desk can withstand a large amount of weight for all your work equipment and added extras



  • Due to one of the characteristics of this kind of wood, there is a small chance your desktop will come with shallow cracks or holes


Desktop Offerings 


Designers crafted this desktop from wood materials such as suar and walnut. These kinds of wood have a smooth feel and a durable nature. When blended with a water-based lacquer, this desk has an expensive finish. 

The walnut wood is harbored in Montreal, Canada, while the suar desk is made in partnership with a company in Thailand. Ergonofis know where their products come from, so there are no unpleasant surprises. 

Surface Size

The Ergonofis Alive has a two-inch desktop surface, which is thick enough to feel sturdy without the chunky weight other desks sometimes have. The soft curves of the desk look authentic and hand-crafted.


However, it’s not just about the Ergonofis Alive’s gorgeous aesthetic. It also has a convenient touchscreen to adjust its settings. The touchscreen is in the corner, so it is at arms reach for maximum convenience. One-touch adjustments make it incredibly simple to change your desk to how you like it. 

Wire Management

In terms of external wire management, there are multiple ways in which Ergonofis has you covered with this model. You can get grommets on the top of the Alive to slide wires through from your electronics to the plug sockets. 

The kit also includes clips you can attach under the desk to the frame that lock to keep wires securely in place. 


Operation and Stability 

The stability of your office desk is important. People often underestimate the weight they usually have to bear. More importantly, you want to know your office equipment will stand the test of time. 

As for stability, the Ergonofis Alive can lift up to 300lbs of weight. Whether you use one laptop or multiple monitors, you won’t have to worry about it collapsing. 

While the frame is powerful, you’d never guess it with the low noise level of the motor. Your desk will adjust between 23″ to 48″ smoothly and silently. 

An integrated wire system helps these motors run efficiently without any of that messy tangle wires usually create. Your Alive will adjust 1.5 inches per second, meaning it will be ready for you while you make your next coffee!


Ease of Assembly 

When buying new furniture, assembly is often the most anticipated (and dreaded) part of the process. However, with this Alive piece of equipment, setting up is easy and stress-free. 

Assembling your new office desk shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes, even for someone who has little experience in furniture assembly. We recommend installing with another person because the weight of the desk can be difficult to maneuver with just one person. 

Shipping is free, so all you have to worry about is setting it up once it arrives at your desired destination. The customer service team responds quickly if there happen to be any issues.  

How Good is the Warranty?

You would usually expect a warranty of around 2-5 years for large pieces of furniture, or any other household equipment. However, the warranty on the Ergonofis Alive is ten years. 

With a decade-long warranty, you can relax about any problems you might face now, or in the future with your desk. 


The Takeaway 

There’s not a lot that we can criticize about the Ergonofis Alive. All of the qualities above make it the kind of desk any worker would be privileged to call their own. The modern feature of the desk’s ability to extend to various heights means it’s suitable for all sorts of people. 

This includes those who like to stand at their desks, which will improve physical health immensely. It also provides a comfort aspect for those who get leg cramps and backache from sitting in the same position for too long. 

It is a stylish desk, making it an elegant addition to your home and your office. This piece of equipment is for anyone who likes high-quality furniture. Its shabby-chic presentation means you can maintain an authentic feel in your home while meeting your everyday needs. 


Who is it For?

Anyone who wants a desk that will last will love this model. The thick and hard-wearing wood, along with a strong frame, means it won’t buckle. It can withstand not only hundreds of pounds of weight but any drink spillage or other wear and tear that you might encounter. A 10-year warranty is also an offer you just can’t argue with. 

So, if you have been searching high and low for ‘the one,’ there’s a chance you may have just found it. Suave, sophisticated, and sturdy the Ergonofis Alive is the best companion to your working day.

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