One simple exercise to manage lower back pain

Joshua Basham, a New South Wales chiropractor, suggests about 50% of his patients come to see him because of lower back pain. Of these people, most are office workers and tradesmen.

Source: Forster Sports Podiatry

Side effects of lower back pain

Mr. Basham says lower back pain can have serious side effects on a person’s body and lifestyle and can result in the following:

– Pain to the mid back, neck, knees and ankles
– Restricted ability to work
– Trouble supporting a family

How to prevent and manage lower back pain

Preventing the onset of lower back pain, according to Mr. Basham, involves:

  • Not sitting for too long
  • Knowing what good posture is
  • Knowing how to lift and bend correctly
  • Working on core strength (strong stable abdominal, back and pelvic muscles)

A helpful exercise

Mr. Basham suggests if you are sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time, certain muscles in your back start to “turn off”. This leaves the spine prone to attracting joint issues and the body adopting poor postures and lower back pain.

To overcome this Mr. Basham shares his favourite exercise that can be implemented into any person’s everyday life.

Source: DRT Chiropractor

The cat and camel

  1. Begin on your hands and knees with your back in a neutral position
  2. Round your back up and bring your head down, exhale
  3. Reverse by allowing your back to relax and bring your head up, breath in
  4. Repeat 10 times

Most effective for back pain management is to repeat at least 3 times a day

The cat and camel is a simple and gentle stretching and strengthening exercise that can be performed by people of all ages. However, if you are suffering from chronic back pain or another health condition, consult your doctor before performing the exercise.

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Last Updated: November, 7, 2020 Picture Credits: Ergonofis

The Ultimate Activity For Lower Back Pain


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