Every day back pain: “Back stretching relieved my pain”

We are shining a light on the silent majority (80% of the population in their lifetimes) who suffer back pain. These people will tell their stories on how they diagnose, treat and live with backs that don’t always do what they should.

1.    When (how long ago) did you first have back pain? 2 years ago

2.    How did your back pain start?
Incorrect sitting posture: core muscles not supporting when sitting for meditation, on the bus, in the car, surfing, and mostly; long work days sitting at the desk

3. What sort of back pain do you get?(describe it as best you can)
Dull, stiff, tight…requires constant back stretching, moving to provide relief (especially when sitting). Pain resides mostly at lower end of spine and above hips

4. For the couple of months after you started getting back pain (if you’ve had it this long or longer), how did you deal with the pain?
I didn’t deal with it well: tried to push through it, tried some incorrect stretches and wasted some money on a chiropractor: it wasn’t that the chiro was bad; it was just that it was a muscular thing, not a structural spinal issue… I didn’t know this at the time.

5. How has your management of the pain changed from then until now?
I eventually found certain back stretches to provide relief and also got some help re correct posture. Importantly, I have also incorporated standing into daily working routine rather than just sitting.

6. What is most effective for you?
Standing at work stations now: approx. 20% of the day, massage balls, back stretching.

7. If you use standing as a pain minimizing strategy, how have you incorporated it into your daily routine?
Acquired a tall bar table toprovide relief from sitting. Not ideal though, as I can only stand for about 30 mins to an hour as it is not the optimum height for a workstation.

Written by Maxime

Last Updated: November, 7, 2020 Picture Credits: Ergonofis

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