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Stage 1 – Pain

It was the early 1990s and Dr Peter Moore was working as a Family Physician/GP. Whilst lifting a log in the garden he felt a sharp pain in his back. His life would never be the same again.

Peter was diagnosed with a serious disc injury and required an operation followed by months of rehabilitation. It was a huge mental and physical hit for someone who was very active and only 40 years old.

When he finally went back to work he expected to ease back into sitting. That day never arrived…

Stage 2 – From knees to feet

To ease his pain Peter tried everything from kneeling chairs to kneeling on pillows. All he wanted to do was work pain free. It wasn’t until the pain in his knees became worse than his back that he decided to give standing a go!

He rigged up his own DIY standing desk (see below), it didn't look great but it worked.

The “original standing desk”

Stage 3 - Hot desking

The years passed and in 2009 Peter moved to Northern Australia to work in Indigenous Health. In this role he was hot desking, working from a different desk each day.

Peter couldn't take his old standing desk with him, so in desperation he used a cardboard box (see below). After the cardboard box collapsed on him yet again he decided he needed a better solution!

Peter working with his cardboard desk

He wanted a solution that was ergonomic with two adjustable levels, portable and well designed. He searched high and low but had no luck. In desperation he decided to build his own portable standing solution.

Stage 4 – Perfecting the product

Not knowing where to start he picked up the yellow pages and called an Industrial Designer. What started with the goal of building a product for himself soon took on legs of its own (pardon the pun!).

As a Doctor Peter knew there were many people like him with back and neck pain, he could also see that workplaces were becoming more flexible. He was convinced the world needed a portable standing solution.

Against advice from people who "knew better" Peter decided to take a huge leap of faith. He spent his own funds and time to perfect his portable solution. In the process he changed design firms several time and built many prototypes (see pic) until he got it right. 



Stage 5 – Validation

In 2012 his wife and son became standing converts and joined the team to help bring ZestDesk to life.

Not knowing if the world shared their “stand & work anywhere” vision they ran a Kickstarter campaign. The support was overwhelming, with the campaign hitting its target within hours of launch!

A massive thanks to all of those who supported the campaign - ZestDesk would not be here without you.

The team has now expanded across two locations. Their goal still remains the same, to ensure that all people have the opportunity to stand and work healthy. 

ZestDesk founders - James, Peter and Michelle

Check out the ZestDesk here.

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