If you are looking to create a workspace that is functional, yet stylish, then the Ergonofis Sway standing desk is a great place to start. Designers at Ergonofis, a Canadian based manufacturer, describe it as a “built to move” piece of furniture. You’ll see the quality right away once you take time to study its intricately designed adjustment system and its posture pleasing frame.

The use of high-quality hardwood and a robust steel frame further cement the Ergonofis Sway adjustable standing desk position as one of the best high-end standing desks in the market. Throw in the speed of its adjustment system and stability, and its no surprise how highly rated it is among those looking to create a stylish workspace.


  • Stable frame with minimal or no disruptions while carrying its load
  • Lift capacity can carry loads of up to 300 pounds
  • Efficient cable management system
  • Free shipping – on purchase and returns
  • Aesthetically pleasing hardwood
  • Quiet electrical motors
  • Speedy adjustment system
  • 30-day return policy
  • It comes with already drilled holes for easy installation
  • Low noise levels


  • The tabletop is soft and is easily scratched or dented
  • Pricey

Desktop Offerings

The Ergonofis Sway adjustable standing desk comes in the following specifications:

  • Hardwood types: Walnut, beech, and maple
  • Frame Color: Black, White
  • Desktop Size: 24″ X 48″; 30″ X 60″; 30″ X 72″ ; custom sizing
  • Wood top: One and a quarter inch in thickness
  • Frame height: 23″ – 48.7″

It also comes with optional upgrades such as:

  • Power outlet bar
  • Monitor or laptop stand
  • Pull-out drawer
  • Anti-fatigue stand
  • Level casters to help with stability
  • Mouse pad
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Dual electric motors
  • Cable management kit
  • Touch screen control monitor

Operation and Stability

Quiet Motor

The Ergonofis Sway operates quietly. Its motor purrs at less than 45 decibels, which is relatively quiet. The electric motor moves at one-fifth of a second, which is reasonably fast compared to other similar products. 

Anti-Collision System

It also comes with an anti-collision system. This protects the frame and tabletop from damage. If there is an obstruction in the way while lowering or raising the desk, the frame will not suffer. 

Duel-Electric Operation

It’s dual electric motors enable it to lift loads of 300 pounds without anything tipping over due to vibrations. Most customers will never have that amount of dead weight sitting on their desks. However, its weight capacity goes to show that this standing desk is strong enough to handle anything.

Touch Screen

The touch screen is set on the wooden top and has two memory presets. You can set up a sitting height and a standing height, which you can then access all at the press of a button. You can also use the up and down controls to adjust the desk.

Ease of Assembly

Designers made The Ergonofis Swa with ease of setup in mind. Depending on your level of proficiency in setting up desks, it can take about 60 – 90 mins to have the desk unboxed and coupled together. The pre-drilled holes make the work much easier and faster. Its installation guide also clearly states the steps you need to take and lacks any ambiguity that might confuse the customer.

Due to the size of the wood top, it might be useful to try setting it up with the support of someone else. Doing this can also reduce setup time to 45 minutes. This includes unboxing, screwing the bolts, and plugging the electric motors to the mains.

How Good is the Warranty?

Ergonofis approaches warranty from a component perspective. The wood top, electrical motors, and steel frame all get different levels of guarantee from the Canadian manufacturer.

Wood Surface Warranty

Its wood surface comes with a one-year warranty. The wood tops are solid wood, and as expected with wood, they come with irregularities. These irregularities usually vary with each model. This uniqueness of the wood grain means that Ergonofis applies its warranty to the wood grain. 

The warranty is limited to defects in material and manufacturing. These defects include but are not limited to cracks on the wood top that render the top unusable or affect the wood planks’ integrity. 

It is critical to note that wood can change over time due to temperature changes. Exposure to the sun can also cause some irregularities on the surface or the sides.

On receipt of your desk, you need to inspect and report a defect within five days after receipt of your standing desk. After then, any cracks or irregularities are assumed to be due to natural movement as the wood expands.

Electrical Components Warranty

The electrical components come with a five-year warranty on the motors and electrical parts. It does have some limitations, such as:

  • Defaults caused by improper installation or use
  • Damage caused due to repair or modifications by a third-party provider
  • Damage caused during any relocation or movement of your desk
  • Damage caused by placing a weight over 300 pounds on the desk

Steel Frame Warranty

On the steel frame, Ergonofis offers a ten-year warranty. The warranty is void, however, if the damage is due to modifications or improper installation. Damages also caused by excess weight, or poor handling during location also void the warranty on the steel frame components.

The Takeaway 

The Ergonofis Sway desk is reinventing the work desk. It is not only visually pleasing but sturdy and stable no matter what you place on it ( as long as it’s not over 300 pounds). The brand also has an Eco-friendly approach that any environmentally friendly consumer would appreciate. They plant three new trees for every Sway desk sold.

Who is it For? 

If you are a hard worker that’s looking for an innovative desk to keep you productive all day, then the Ergonofis Sway adjustable standing desk is the perfect option. It can be quite pricey, but it is worth every penny you put down. Its 30-day risk-free return policy also means you can try this beauty out and return it if you are not satisfied.