UPLIFT Desk Overview

UPLIFT Desk is a company that manufactures standing desks and ergonomic products to combat the effects of long workdays spent sitting. Founded in Austin, Texas, UPLIFT Desk has been helping people stay healthy and productive for nearly 20 years. 

Recently, the company received the honor of “Best Standing Desk” by Wirecutter. The company has also received accolades from Techradar, Forbes, 9to5Mac, and many other blogs and news outlets.

The UPLIFT design team makes its desks, chairs, and other products explicitly so that customers can customize them for an affordable price. The company stands behind its work and offers a warranty on every product it sells.

UPLIFT Desk Products

UPLIFT Desk produces much more than just desks, although the standing desks are a staple of the collection. The company has a whole line of ergonomic products, including keyboards and chairs.


You may have guessed by the company name that UPLIFT Desk is most well-known for its standing desk. The company claims to offer more custom height-adjustable desk options than any other company in the industry. You can even build your desktop with several types of materials, such as bamboo and premium wood.

Check out the UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk when you start browsing. This affordable standing desk is perfect for first-time users without sacrificing on quality. You get to customize the desktop, frame, and features to your liking.


The company knows that office work requires long hours of sitting in one spot. So, they have devised a line of ergonomic products to make 9-5 hours as comfortable as possible.

Check out the Pursuit Ergonomic Chair first. For an affordable price, you get cool-down fabric, tension control, and optimal comfort.

Seating options include a whole range of stools and an ergonomic kneeling chair as well.

Office Accessories

While the desk and chair are essential, UPLIFT Desk knows that a lot more goes into an environment conducive for peak work performance. The company offers everything from organization and storage solutions to lighting to help its clients work efficiently.

Once you get an ergonomic mouse and keyboard from UPLIFT Desk, you will never go back to your standard versions. 

UPLIFT Desk Specialty 

Customer Service

UPLIFT Desk sets itself apart from its competition by going above and beyond just selling products. Team members will help customers through every step of the process to ensure they get office equipment that perfectly fits their needs.

UPLIFT Desk can even help business owners redesign their entire workplace with help from the company’s team of experts. The first step in the process is a consultation. Once the company understands the space you are working with and its challenges, experts will design a layout a quote that will then be approved by a certified professional ergonomist.

These services are provided entirely free of charge. You will be hard-pressed to find this level of customer service at another office supply firm.

Variety of Products

UPLIFT Desk is a one-stop-shop for everything you and your company will need to be productive, profitable, and successful. If you need to build an entire workplace from scratch or just need a few items to put the finishing touches on your existing office, UPLIFT Desk will be able to help.

You can also turn to UPLIFT for a range of versatile office products, including:

  • File cabinets
  • Power/data rails
  • Task lighting
  • Acoustic/privacy solutions

Want to Know More?

If you want to take your work environment to the next level, then consider products from UPLIFT Desk. Check out the company website to discover its versatile range of products and to contact the customer support team.


Written by Maxime

Last Updated: Aug 2nd 2020 Picture Credits: UPLIFT DESK

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