FlexiSpot Overview

FlexiSpot offers several different adjustable desks all with the same goal. The company strives to provide a healthier way to work and live by giving customers the ability to transform their working environment into one that promotes efficiency and productivity.

With high-quality designs and engineering, FlexiSpot prides itself on its large selection of products for all individuals and businesses alike.

FlexiSpot Products

With a wide range of options, FlexiSpot has a few major categories to choose from. Each category has a unique set of products that benefit both individuals looking for single desk upgrades and companies looking to elevate the health of the entire office by ordering in bulk.

Height Adjustable Desks

A complete overhaul of a work station, the company has a wealth of electric height adjustable desk options. While some are sit-or-stand, each product in this category allows for customization and height adjustment on multiple levels.

The best sellers of this category are complete sets, but customers also have the option of buying just a frame that they can attach their existing desk, too.

Standing Desk Converters

These kits allow customers to convert their original setup into a sit or stand desk. There are a few major styles, including electric variable height or more minimal designs. With multiple options available, there is a product for anyone who wants to take their desk to the next level.

Monitorstand Workstation

This monitor stand is more than just an upgrade to a standard desk. This product offers organization options, an easy to clean surface, and a stylistic change to any desk. While the most important feature of this product is the Integrated UV sterilization, this workstation also provides customers with a fresh new area to work with.

Home Office Mobile Workstations

As more and more businesses embrace flexible working or allowing employees to work from home, home office mobile workstations allow you to stay active even when you’re in front of a laptop!

These products incorporate a desk bike design so you can keep yourself active and pedal while working, boosting your immune system, and promoting fitness.

FlexiSpot Specialty

FlexiSpot’s specialty is its diversity of products and its ability to handle bulk orders.

While desks are the main products featured, each product line comes in multiple styles and selections. Customers can choose from desk bikes, massagers, and desk converters that you can adjust day-to-day to your preference. All these products are created with the goal of promoting healthier living.

This company also offers easy bulk business orders, which is especially handy for business owners looking to kit out a whole office or offices.

With so many choices, and the ability to deliver bulk orders, FlexiSpot can transform the lives of entire businesses.

Want to Know More?

With new studies on the importance of fitness being published every day, maintaining a high standard of living, and keeping yourself (and if you own a business, your employees) happy and healthy, has never been more relevant.
Upgrade your office or work area to a station that will promote a higher quality of work and health! Find more information and place an order with the FlexiSpot website today.

Written by Maxime

Last Updated: Aug 2nd 2020 Picture Credits: FlexiSpot

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FlexiSpot sit stand desk

Height adjustable desks are perfect for those who work at home for long hours, as switching between standing and sitting helps keep your legs strong and body healthy. However, not all standing desks are affordable.

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