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Written by Maxime

Last Updated: Aug 2nd 2020 Picture Credits: ApexDesk

Apexdesk began with a straightforward mission: produce high-quality, affordable desks. After years of suffering in sub-par desks and desk chairs, the founders of Apexdesk set out to create ergonomic solutions for both adults and kids. They believe that everyone deserves better workspaces for school, work, and everything in between.

Now, with dozens of exciting options, Apexdesk has become an expert in delivering quality products at affordable prices. But you can see it for yourself. From standing desks to ergonomic seated desks, Apexdesk has the variety you need.

Apexdesk Products 

This company thrives on versatility, with tons of different options available. Available categories of products include:

  • Sit-stand desks
  • Desk converters
  • Desk accessories
  • Kids furniture
  • Office chairs

For most of the products, users can customize their selection. You can choose a color that best fits the style of the room where you will be placing the new furniture. Colors vary for kid vs. adult products.

New Ways to Work

Apexdesk doesn’t just give you more of the same. Its products innovate and expand what it means to be productive and stay healthy. 

One of the most popular products is the Electric Stand Desk. Users can quickly adjust the desk height electronically without having to lift, shove, and push. 

The best part about these desks is that you can program four of the most-used adjustments as presets on the device. With the press of a button, you have your desk at the perfect height for sitting, standing, or conducting a meeting.

For Use in the Office

Apexdesk offers a choice of sleek, professional furnishings for use in the office. The design and style selection is modern, with hues including an upscale gray, classic black, and warm brown. 

The company’s chairs take into account the demands of the office. Each chair comes with a neck attachment for enhanced support. Also, they provide bottom-facing adjustment bars and adjustable armrests. It combines comfort and style for ergonomic use without compromising on professionalism.

For the Kids

The “kids furniture” category from ApexDesk has supportive desk chairs in a variety of fun colors. They also have created an innovative tilt desk for kids. 

The tilt desk allows the student to shift the surface angle to achieve a more comfortable position while note-taking, studying, and more. 

Ergonomic design doesn’t just benefit adults. Kids can instantly feel the comfort and support of a quality desk and desk chair.

Apexdesk Specialty

The benefits of investing in a high-quality Apexdesk product are unbeatable. The company prides itself on an easy process from start to finish. The products are easy to afford, easy to use, and, most importantly, easy to repair. 

With any product you use daily, you can expect wear and tear to show. But with Apexdesk, parts are always readily available for fast, simple repairs. That way, you can get back to using your favorite furniture instantly.

Want to Know More? 

If you are interested in upgrading your chair or desk, check out the Apex website to learn more about available products. Each design can make your life easier and help you to maintain your health and happiness while hard at work.

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