Back pain series: Low back pain – what one doctor (GP) says

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    Karen Fuller – GP / Family Physician

    • Name: Karen Fuller
    • Occupation: General Practitioner / Family Physician
  1. For how many years have you been treating back pain and related health issues? 16 years
  1. What is the most common type of back pain you see? Mechanical low back pain 
  1. What treatments/advice do you most commonly prescribe/give to back pain sufferers? (please list or describe the top five) weight loss, core exercises, stretching, heat, simple analgesia                                                                                                                 
  1. In your experience, how long (days, weeks, months, years, if ever) does it usually take for low back pain to settle? Depends on how actively involved the patient is and if they follow advice
  1. Do you give advice on how to prevent a recurrence of back pain, and if so, what does this advice generally consist of? Same as treatment
  1. What sorts of aids do you most commonly suggest back pain sufferers purchase (back supports, different desk chair, massager, etc)? TENS machine, back supports but for exacerbations only, good desk chair if doing lots of seated work 
  1. In your experience, do none/some/most/all of the back pain sufferers you treat find alternating standing with sitting is one solution to help ease their pain, speed their recovery/return to work? Some 
  1. If standing does help, what ratio of sitting to standing do you advise; and how do your clients achieve this (electric sit stand desk, ergotron product, laptop on the filing cabinet, other). Please give as much information as you can. I think it is quite individual and most chronic back pain sufferers will work it out for themselves

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