Improving posture – simple guidelines for computer users

Carl Kosta, an experienced chiropractor, regards new technology as the main contributor to poor posture in the current age. “Everything is getting easier and more accessible, people are spending more and more time staring down at their phones and laptops. The more technology improves, the worse our posture gets” he said.

He suggests the key to improving posture is to focus on muscle strengthening and being active.

The important muscles are those which connect the spine and pelvis to the abdomen (tummy) and lower back. These muscles are commonly called ‘core’ and people talk about having good ‘core’ strength to prevent the onset of back problems and to help alleviate pain should it occur.

Exercises to assist good posture

Pectoral stretch 

One of the easiest stretches of improving posture is to use a door frame and stretch the pectoral (chest) muscles.

This involves 4 steps:

  • Place your arm at a 90 degree angle
  • Lean forward to feel a stretch in the chest
  • Hold for 30 seconds
  • Repeat on the other arm

Pectoral stretch, Source: www.tinajuanfitness.info


This is a great exercise for people with sedentary work as it can be done in the office every 20 to 30 minutes and it gets you up and moving around.

Back stretch 

The second stretch for improving posture utilizes a foam roller:

  • Lie with a foam roller or rolled towel vertically down your back
  • Bring arms to a 90 degree angle (make a ‘T’)
  • Stretch shoulder blades towards the floor

Back stretch

Mr. Kosta says doing five minutes of back stretches each day is effective as it counteracts the body’s tendency to hunch and is perfect for improving posture.

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