Everyday back pain: L4 L5 disc pain

Yoga pose, source: Huffington Post

1.    Details

  • Name Lyn Heyer
  • Age 69
  • Occupation Retiree

2.    When (how long ago) did you first have back pain?

50 years ago

3.    How did your back pain start?

            Following a fall.

4.    What sort of back pain do you get?(describe it as best you can)

L4 L5 disc pain. Often quite strong pain from lower back down either leg.

5.    For the couple of months after you started getting back pain (if you’ve had it this long or longer), how did you deal with the pain?

Stopped lifting and walked more often.

6.    How has your management of the pain changed from then until now?

Now more limited in what I can do and often need pain relief medication.

 7.    What helps you manage your back pain the most?

Avoiding lifting and twisting movements; gentle yoga-type exercise.

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